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Ever since the invention of the mobile phone as well as SMS technology and the two-way messaging solutions it provides, several creative solutions have evolved on how to apply this technology to better use for personal requirements as well as within businesses and corporate organizations.  One creative use of the technology in recent times has been using SMS control systems to power or complement internal control systems within organizations.

Why Using SIM BOX for Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS Controller™

Enhanced web based application for controlling every incoming and outgoing SMS text message 24/7

Fully Customize

Fully Customization of bulk SMS text content and images. Rich unicode and Emoji icons. Out of the box themes

99.9% Uptime

24/7 operation with out no risk! Save time and money for power supply and double SMS tests. Big volume data bandwith

Premium Support

Extreme fast and reachable support for your SMS SIM Box worldwide in four languages during day and night. Large documentation library

Easy to Use

Very small learning curve, ideal for SOHO businesses or freelancers. No need for previous knowledge or experience with SMS applications

5 Stars Support

24/7 worldwide technical support in 4 languages!
Remote control and monthly code updates for all customers

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SMS Sender in Action

On-Site Professional SIM-Based SMS SIM BOX Machine , The SIM BOX is scalable from 4 up to 32 SMS channels, provide SMS system solutions for Mobile Marketing, corporate SMS and bulk SMS. Designed for 2-way SMS messaging directly via the cellular networks operators to and from any SMS client.

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"My job had made several times easier. I use SMS BOX on a daily basis for over a 2 yeara now, and it is truly an amazing solution for my home boutique business."
Sharon Silver
Dress Designer
"Getting a SMS campaign up and running has always been one of the things I love managing, with SMS BOX I fell in love with managing my marketing campaign ."
Dan Shiller
New Media Director
"It's not an easy job to be the person in charge of managing PR for big clients. SMS SIM BOX has really paved the way for PR managers like me to reach large audance."
Linda Svenson
PR Manager

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