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Ever since the invention of the mobile phone as well as SMS technology and the two-way messaging solutions it provides, several creative solutions have evolved on how to apply this technology to better use for personal requirements as well as within businesses and corporate organizations.  One creative use of the technology in recent times has been using SMS control systems to power or complement internal control systems within organizations.

Internal controls usually refers to a means to regulate, monitor and direct the flow of work and authority processes within an organization in a bid to provide transparency, assess efficacy, provide monitoring and also prevent fraud among other things.  Some examples of application of SMS notifications in internal controls for example could be sending an SMS notification when a certain action is performed e.g when a room is accessed or when funds are withdrawn from an account or a process within an organization is completed.

Some creative applications of internal control systems have even evolved in recent times; SMS notifications have been used as a means to permit figures of authority in organizations approve requests via SMS while on the move instead of having to be physically present or logged into a computer.  One provider of e-Procurement solutions has even developed technology that allows executives to approve purchase requests via SMS. Internal control systems are even applied in automated factories and industries where notifications can be sent out by SMS in a case of a system malfunction or the completion of one process or another. This way, problems can be resolved quickly or management and supervisory employees can easily get notified when certain processes are complete.

These are just a few of the examples internal control systems can be employed using SMS solutions and when you need to implement these creative ideas, the corresponding SMS hardware to do so becomes a needed requirement as well. SMS hardware solutions are required which are robust, secure and affordable at the same time, something which is a feature of all SMS hardware solutions provided by Hypermedia.

These solutions prevent a welcome alternative for those looking for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to implement SMS-based solutions without having to make use of SMS aggregator services from third parties.  The use of SMS hardware for internal controls is not a need which applies solely to large organizations alone, small and medium scale enterprises can also benefit from creative solutions which employ the technology to deliver results. Over the years SMS hardware has become affordable and accessible to all and businesses such as Hypermedia take pride in offering the benefits of SMS technology to a wider range of businesses than was previously available in the past.

Human based monitoring for internal control measures can be both ineffective and expensive; using SMS solutions guarantees a timely and unbiased method of applying internal controls within your organization. Hypermedia has a range of SMS hardware solutions that can complement your internal control measures regardless of the size of your organization or the nature of your internal control requirements. Contact a Hypermedia Dealer today.

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